Sunday, December 5, 2010

SS501 Tweets Translated (Dec. 5, 2010)

2010-12-05 @ 8:53pm
Ah, I'm so full! I ate and I am not studying different languages! Interesting interesting~ Be careful of flu

2010-12-05 @ 8:52pm
Everyone in Japan!!!! Is there any Christmas songs you want to hear????Consolidating!!!! Therefore please tell me!!! I am going to sing!!

2010-12-05 @ 8:49pm
Hello everyone ! What's up? How have you guys been I'm practice for my japan's fan meeting! Byebye! See u soon!

2010-12-05 @ 8:45pm
Good night! What is everyone doing now? I have eaten *.* I am practising for fan meeting in Japan! You have to look forward to it!

2010-12-05 @ 1:49pm
Really Thank you for yesterday..^^ Thank you very much.!! Grow old together..! We..^^ hee

2010-12-05 @ 1:48pm
@woosangil Waiting for you in Korea!! TT heehee We had our fan meeting yesterday!! I was so touched.. TT TT heehee Hyung, I miss you^^ Be careful of the flu and meet up soon~~^^!

2010-12-05 @ 1:08am

*English translations by xiaochu @


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