Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SS501 Tweets Translated (Dec. 21, 2010)

2010-12-21 @ 11:18pm
Here is Osaka!!! http://yfrog.com/h667032718j

2010-12-21 @ 10:19pm
@WarrenBONBOO Hyung, comeback is in January!!^^* I’m happy since we’re doing it together! I pestered (them) that I want to do with hyung~^^

2010-12-21 @ 10:18pm
@Moonjunwon Yah, there is no reply when you start conversation by discretely asking people to treat meals??

2010-12-21 @ 10:18pm
@JungMin0403 Have you made a comeback? I did well because you showed concern for it!!

2010-12-21 @ 10:17pm
@HyungJun87 It is not a lie alright? Gave my mother and sister the tickets and they went to watch your musical!!^^ Full of praises!!
*this is in reply to HyungJun who said he has given out the free tix to someone else and asked if he should lie..

2010-12-21 @ 10:13pm
@2kjdream You are near to gorilla
*that’s in reply to KyuJong who laughed at him about carrot cake

2010-12-21 @ 10:12pm
@Steven_Lee_ Hyung ah ya!!!^^ I wrote ‘I followed you!!!’ TT TT it was in my draft TT TT I written that long ago!!^^ Miss you ^^ Miss you

2010-12-21 @ 10:11pm
@WarrenBONBOO Hyung ah ya!!! How is the conference for Korea fan meeting???^.^*

2010-12-21 @ 10:02pm
@JungMin0403 Thanks oppa~^^* Will do well for the schedule and oppa must also take care of your health too~! heehee Hwaiting!

2010-12-21 @ 9:53pm
@gyuri88 Ung!! I’m in Japan^^ Keep it up and do well for the radio, let’s meet even in Japan^^ You’re so busy so should take care of your health~!^^ Strength !!!

2010-12-21 @ 9:50pm
To those who have a husband, I hope you don’t let them know of my hand (^∇^)
*Because it is a hugging fanmeeting*

2010-12-21 @ 9:43pm
@JungMin0403 heeheehee I forgot about that TT hee Oppa is going to Japan~?^^ When are you coming back~

2010-12-21 @ 9:41pm
Tomo-chan who worked hard and Ranka-chan is sleeping… or rather they’re dying!!! (~_~;) http://yfrog.com/hsrxiij

2010-12-21 @ 9:33pm
Today’s words!!!! I will hug you until your ribs are broken!!! (*☻-☻*)

2010-12-21 @ 9:31pm
The sign meeting finished and now I am riding a bullet train to Osaka!! (^人^)Those who came to the sign meeting!!! Thank you (^ー^) Everyone in Osaka, wait for me!!!! http://yfrog.com/h7jksxj

2010-12-21 @ 9:26pm
@gyuri88 When doing with oppa, ‘Please also listen to ShimShimTaPa’!! Should have done that too!!!^^ Thank you for the one week~~!!^^ Tell Dong that (i will be doing) suprise attack!!
*in reply to =gyuri88= (2010-12-21 @ 12:09am)
ShimShimTaPa with Dong oppa who returned after a week!! It has started, please listen to 95.9~>_<

2010-12-21 @ 8:17pm
Taking time off the busy schedule… Over here is Bulgogi XXXX, will eat it well^^ http://spic.kr/2Mgv

2010-12-21 @ 5:38pm
Just for today only! Special Christmas & New Year Event has started. Please write in the official homepage about the wish that you must accomplish in the new year 2011! www.hyungjun.co.kr

2010-12-21 @ 11:59am
@orangeheejin What is this!! This is not the result I have wished for!

2010-12-21 @ 10:45am
@seanalexander23 haha ^^ sun is verry slow….. ^^ i hope u too!! merrychristmas~~ ^^ see u in L.A !!!|~ http://yfrog.com/h0tjegkj

2010-12-21 @ 10:37am
@2kjdream haha it’s still raining! Where is that sun you sent? Maybe it’s stuck in the mail. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

2010-12-21 @ 10:18am
I wanna learn Eng ..!! but eng is soooo difficult!! plz tell me eng!! know!! ^^ KOREA is cold.. upcoming Christmas!! merry christmas~~^^

2010-12-21 @ 9:45am
@Steven_Lee_ Good Morning!! steven^^!! miss u ma bro ¤Ð Even now i want to go L.A!!!!!!!!!

*English translations by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com + saylalala@quainte501.com


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