Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SS501 Tweets Translated (Dec. 15, 2010)

2010-12-15 @ 10:48pm

Musical 'Cafe-in' is a musical with everything, love, happiness, sadness! Representative Kim went secretly and watched it. Words 'It was really interesting!' came out naturally. Strongly recommend for lovers, friends and family to watch during year end!

2010-12-15 @ 9:19pm
It was a performance since a long time but I had a broadcasting accident TT TT Ooiing~~ I hid my shockness and sang the song so I don't know if I have done well TT TT Ooang


2010-12-15 @ 9:18pm

I posted a new photo to Facebook


2010-12-15 @ 5:48pm

I posted a new photo to Facebook

2010-12-15 @ 5:47pm

Though it is not my performance today! Came to sponsor the stage/performance!^^

2010-12-15 @ 12:57pm

@HyungJun87 Good-looking HyungJun hyung!!! Keke I followed you! ^^ How are you doing? I wanted to go and watch hyung's musical~ ¤Ð¤Ð


2010-12-15 @ 11:48am

@Kevinwoo91 Cute Kevin~

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