Saturday, December 25, 2010

SS501 Tweets Translated (Dec. 25, 2010)

2010-12-25 @ 2:05am
my7chan Now currently in the midst of live radio broadcast ~ Merry Christmas! ^^

2010-12-25 @ 3:38am
my7chan Because fans packed (food) so we have a small party with the radio family members at the radio (station)

2010-12-25 @ 9:19am
2kjdream I hope you have a blessed Christmas, warm Christmas.. It is a nice morning^^

2010-12-25 @ 2:46pm
HyungJun87 "Merry Christmas!! With Piropiro today too~! Merry Christmas with PIROPIRO ~! #PIROPIRO"

2010-12-25 @ 4:31pm
JungMin0403 @Steven_Lee_ I'm in Korea!!^^ Arrives last night!!^^

2010-12-25 @ 4:33pm
JungMin0403 @2kjdream Who am I~~ of course I did it successfully and return~~^^ let's meet let's meet let's meet!!!!! I want to eat SoonDaeGook that Kyubbi buys/treat!!!

2010-12-25 @ 4:39pm
JungMin0403 Although I wanted to send everyone a farewell when leaving yesterday, I am sorry i couldn't send my greetings from the airport(T_T) Always thanking you!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

2010-12-25 @ 4:40pm
JungMin0403 ^^I am Good Morning!!! Because I am with my family, naturally I am spending Christmas with my family~~^^ Merry Christmas everyone!!

2010-12-25 @ 4:47pm
mystar8914 @HyungJun87 Christmas gift for idol HyungJun~^^Merry Christmas~

2010-12-25 @ 5:02pm
JungMin0403 Merry Christmas! I miss you all!

*English translations by xiaochu @ +


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