Friday, January 28, 2011

SS501 Tweets Translated (Jan. 28, 2011)

2011-01-28 @ 2:23pm

2011-01-28 @ 11:36am
“@501gamedan: 28-Jan at 5pm, we will show the scene at the game team member audition. Everyone, please keep watch on the actual broadcast of 2nd episode!! ”

2011-01-28 @ 10:45am
@HyungJun87 I slept in just a moment yesterday~kekeke
*Not sure if it’s correct since he wrote ‘friday night’, but i think it might be a typo for ‘just a moment’

2011-01-28 @ 1:54am
@Actor_ParkJiBin TT I went back to my hometown, it was cold so my friends and HyungJun hyung and I were running and my handphone came flying out.. No!! I shouted. Sob!! Hope you don’t slip too~!!!! Let’s eat something delicious and quickly~~~meet up!! ^^

2011-01-28 @ 1:47am
@Actor_ParkJiBin @2kjdream Hyung is learning fishing for my leisure life recently keke Next time will catch a big fish heehee Look forward to that. I drank alcohol yesterday and am going to go drink again now keke At WangShimni sushi restaurant keke

2011-01-27 @ 1:33am
@HyungJun87 Even though you can’t find darkness in the radiant light, there is shadow and in the darkness where you can’t see anything, a candle light shine even more brightly. Hyung-nim Hwaiting

2011-01-28 @ 1:20am
@2kjdream Gasp, then that means I got tricked by HyungJin hyung? heehee Hyung be careful, run around, dont fall down keke

2011-01-28 @ 12:45am
@Actor_ParkJiBin TT TT It’s cold so I was running and it dropped heuk….!!!!!!! Console hyung (me)……. hee

Translated by: xiaochu @


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