Monday, January 24, 2011

SS501 Tweets Translated (Jan. 24, 2011)

(Read from bottom up)

2011-01-24 @ 10:32pm
@2kjdream kekekeke There’s nothing except ‘kim’…? keke Now it’s hyung who said it….

2011-01-24 @ 10:13pm
@skullhong Yah!!! Don’t you think you should erase my name?!!!!!!!! heehee So you’re ignoring me because you’re being called the Bowling Genius……!! heehee

2011-01-24 @ 10:06pm
@skullhong Hyung will introduce a tasty restaurant hangout!!! heehee Be careful of catching flu!! Cannot fall sickkkk~~~~~~!!!!!!!

2011-01-24 @ 9:31pm
@90KKB Congrats~~ Send me the address through DM~~

2011-01-24 @ 8:52pm
RT @HyungJun87: “@90KKB: We moved into HnB Company office today~ Hwaiting!”

2011-01-24 @ 8:51pm
RT @90KKB: We moved into HnB Company office today~ Hwaiting!

2011-01-24 @ 8:42pm
Sorry that I couldn’t join for Shimshimtapa today..^^ but in place of me today is Park JungMin who returned splendidly as solo!! Please be with him. Will guard (my place) till Wednesday ^^ I will return on Thursday. Please give lots of love for ShinDong Park GyuRi’s Shimshimtapa!!! heehee

2011-01-24 @ 8:21pm
@mystyle1103 Hyung is also a nice/warm guy~~ Ooing?!! Baebaeng~~~ heehee Road is slippery so please be careful~~~~

2011-01-24 @ 7:42pm
Beast, look at this, this is my skill/capability kekekekekeke ‘Lee’ is me kekeke Ah, embarrassed kekeke

2011-01-24 @ 7:23pm
@2kjdream keke Alright I get it. Just wait for while more keke

2011-01-24 @ 7:23pm
@mystyle1103 Hyung keke When are you coming

2011-01-24 @ 7:21pm
@skullhong heehee It was a nice timeeee!! Bowling genius Hongki Man!!! Let’s have fun again next time!!!~~ hee Let’s meet when you’re back in Korea!!!~~~~~

2011-01-24 @ 7:17pm
“@90KKB: We moved into HnB Company office today~ Hwaiting!”

2011-01-24 @ 7:19pm
@skullhong Really just nice/warm guys keke
*ÈƳ² is quite difficult to explain in English, it’s referring to guys who are warm (passionate?)

2011-01-24 @ 7:16pm
We moved into HnB Company office today~ Hwaiting!

2011-01-24 @ 5:12pm
Woang Woang not alone popularity even at COEX !!!!!!

2011-01-24 @ 5:11pm
It’s been a long time since I met with KyuJong hyung kekeke

2011-01-24 @ 3:17pm
@JungMin0403 I am back*!! I’ve returned heehee Silly, it is snow storm!! Not downpour!! hee Have a good performance, I don’t know when I will go and look for you so always stay healthy!!!!!! heehee
*Kyu wrote the konglish of ‘I AM BACK’

2011-01-24 @ 11:15am
Ending the last performance…. two actor/actress you’ve worked hard^^

Translated by: xiaochu @


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