Sunday, January 23, 2011

SS501 Tweets Translated (Jan. 23, 2011)

2011-01-23 @ 8:58pm
@momamo222 You've worked hard JiHye-ya~ Always work dilligently and hope you'll have only good days to come~ Cherishing the board attire so will wear it well~
*board attire = clothings to wear to snowboard/skiing

2011-01-23 @ 8:46pm
It was so fun and I was so happy. It was a very good start for the new year, I will work hard. In order to be the best ~ ^^ Let's run~

2011-01-23 @ 8:45pm
Finally the final performance ended smoothly. I would like to thank all staffs of musical "cafe-in" went through hardships, and to senior actors who did this together with me. You've worked hard and you became a great strength to me. Ah~ and lastly to the all audience who were with me ,, everyone who enjoyed despite my lacking, Thank you!

2011-01-23 @ 6:48pm
What is the song you want to hear on Valentine's day???? (^¡Ô^)

2011-01-23 @ 6:14pm
Our green peas who came forth a step even on a day where it's cold and snowing, I am very thankful and you're so lovely!!^^

2011-01-23 @ 6:05pm
Photo sent to me by meridian system director noona!! She went to buy my album, but there was none so she had to turn back~~From today ^^ I am sold-out guy*~ heehee
*Guy whose album was sold-out

2011-01-23 @ 5:33pm
@uh511 It's for the strong charismatic look in the eyes !! heehee

2011-01-23 @ 5:32pm
@mystyle1103 Though I didnt manage to smash the stage, there was some destructive power heeheehee When is your album coming out~~~quickly release it!!!

2011-01-23 @ 5:31pm
@Steven_Lee_ heehee Thanks!!!^^We must produce great work too!!!^^*

2011-01-23 @ 5:31pm
@2kjdream Wanted to call you but you're in Japan!!! There's a downpour in Korea~Be careful!

2011-01-23 @ 5:12pm
@jjjjjin2yo Woosshi^^
*sound of trying to hit that person..

2011-01-23 @ 4:50pm
@HyungJun87 Liar Hwaiting keke

2011-01-23 @ 4:46pm
@HyungJun87 No, this is real!!Didn't you read my message!!!'T

2011-01-23 @ 4:42pm
I thought that today will never come, this is really my last performance now, well even though I am sad and hate to end it, I must strive on^^ Cafe-in Hwaiting

2011-01-23 @ 11:54am
Lunch time!! Please have a delicious lunch^^ YoungSaeng hyung and I finished our performance (fan meeting) splendidly yesterday~~ Thank you...^^!!!!!!!!!

2011-01-23 @ 1:55am
There's 2 performance left now, let's run until the end!

Translated by: xiaochu @


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