Sunday, October 3, 2010

SS501 Tweets Translated (Oct. 3, 2010)

The boys' tweets made me smile again today. Kyu started out by tweeting a few lines of his favorite SS501 song, "Wings Of The World". He said "Hyung" in his tweet so he was addressing that tweet to someone, though he didn't specify who. I had a feeling he was talking to Young Saeng, after all, that song really meant a lot to them. The two even cried while singing that song in one of their concerts. And right after that tweet, YS replied by saying his hungry. Hahaha! Where's the connection? Otter is so cute. If you're hungry, go eat Bebeng! LOL. I just love how they call each other Bebeng (slang for Baby)! It's so endearing!


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